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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 25

As expected I had a slower week than last week, but still a successful one. Part of that is my own laziness, because I was not very active last week, but even so, I lost .9 pounds for a total of 54.1 pounds! I have to say that it feels great to put on a freshly laundered t-shirt and not have to pull and stretch it until it feels comfortable. Not to mention, I can wear jeans and actually relax in them, and not feel like I'm squeezed into them. And now on to the good stuff!

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Romancing the Capital 2017 – Part 2

Saturday August 5th was day two of Romancing the Capital 2017 (RTC) a romance author/reader event organized by Eve Langlais which takes place in Ottawa, Ontario. This is the third year for the conference, and my second year attending. The conference is a small one compared to some others, from what I understand (this is the only one I’ve attended personally), but it gives readers the opportunity to really mingle with the authors in attendance and get to know them a little better.