Welcome to Life, Tea, and Everything!

I started this blog mostly for myself so if someone else finds value in it, then I’ll count that as a bonus. I’ve been making some changes in my life, and I thought that blogging about them might help to keep me on track. I also love to craft and share what I’m up to when I’m crafting so this gives me an outlet to do so.

I’m still finding my feet in the blogging world, and part of that has been trying to come up with some kind of schedule for at least some of my posts. Previously, I was going My Weight Loss Journey on Mondays, but since I weigh in on Mondays, I have decided to move those posts to Tuesdays.

On Wednesday, I have decided to start posting my WIP Wednesday to highlight the craft projects I’ve been working on. I’ve just started posting Finally Finished Friday as well, but this will not be a weekly post since it will require a completed project and I don’t always have a completed project to share.

On weeks when Finally Finished Friday is not posted, I hope to fill in with something else. I’m still working on working out what other regular posts I want to feature, but I will be filling in from time to time with other things. I hope you’re enjoying what I’ve been sharing so far!