WIP…Thursday? – July 27 2017

Sorry for the one day delay everyone. Computer glitches are annoying at times, but as long as they can be resolved, I’m usually pretty happy. It’s just unfortunate that I didn’t have the energy to deal with the glitch, and complete my post for Wednesday morning.

WIP Wednesday – July 20 2017

This is only my second WIP Wednesday post, and I’m a bit undecided as to how to progress. I haven’t done any work on many of the projects I posted last week, so I’m not sure anyone wants to see them again. For this week I will just mention the ones I didn’t work on, and I’ll post pictures of what I have worked on.

Fun Projects – Knitting Looms

I have had very little time this week to devote to crafting, or anything else really, work has been keeping me busy day and night . Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking of new projects I would like to try when I do finally have some time! I have a couple of setsContinue reading “Fun Projects – Knitting Looms”