WIP Wednesday – July 20 2017


This is only my second WIP Wednesday post, and I’m a bit undecided as to how to progress. I haven’t done any work on many of the projects I posted last week, so I’m not sure anyone wants to see them again. For this week I will just mention the ones I didn’t work on, and I’ll post pictures of what I have worked on.

I’m happy to be able to report that I did complete one project! The Hypnotic Tiles afghan is finished, but I will save those pictures for Friday’s post. I’m so happy that I completed this one, so that I can gift it to my cousin the next time I see her.

For the “still hanging in limbo” projects, I have not made any progress on my Winter doily, or Allure, the knitted afghan that I found while cleaning out some boxes. I still haven’t sat down with Allure to see if I can determine where I left off in the pattern, I was just happy that I figured out which pattern I was working on!

I made a little progress on Evelyn, the doily I started for the CAL I joined. I finished round 13 of the 15 rounds in part 1 of the CAL, so I’m far, far behind since this CAL finished sometime in June but I’m not too concerned, I’ll get there eventually.

Evelyn Round 13

For my Pins and Strips quilt for the Learn to Quilt – QAL, after laying out all the blocks in the pattern I wanted, I labelled all the squares, and that’s about as far as I’ve gone. I had to order some freezer paper so that I can square up my blocks following a tutorial I found, so it may be a while before I get my blocks all joined together.

Pins and Stripes Blocks Labelled

And finally, my Feather and Fan Shawl. I am a fairly novice knitter, and I learned on my own, so I haven’t learned some of the tips that I might otherwise have learned if someone had taught me. I used to always end up frogging my whole project if I dropped a stitch, or made a mistake, because I didn’t know how to pick up the stitches to fix the problem.

Thanks to MrsCraft @ Crafts and Other Crazy Plans I have learned to use a lifeline, so now I only have to frog back to the nearest lifeline before making my mistake! I think this is going to be a life saver for me, and it is definitely going to inspire me to do more knitting projects! I put a lifeline in where I started working on it this last time, and added another before starting the next repeat of the pattern. I think I’ll add one more lifeline, and continue working with three lifelines for the remainder of this project.

And that’s it for this week’s projects! I may be starting another one soon…I just joined a Grease CAL that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. The first block was released yesterday, but I haven’t started yet.

What projects have you been working on lately? Are you close to completing any, or wanting to begin something new?

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15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – July 20 2017

  1. It never hurts to try a new method, but if your blocks are less ham 1/4″ off, you can usually pull and stretch to make them fit while sewing. You might try to sew them before you add more steps to your quilt. But really if it makes you more comfortable, by all means, go for it;). Happy happy:)!

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    1. Some of the blocks I may be comfortable enough to do that, others, I didn’t do the greatest job on cutting for the length of the strips so there are a few with uneven edges, so I may use the freezer paper method there and see what works.

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  2. You have quite a lot of nice things in your work basket! I seem to have only large projects going at the moment, so I am attempting to keep disciplined and spend time on each every day. One length of thread on the hardanger, 10-15 rows on the sweater sleeve, one step finished on the quilts, and the same for the wedding gifts, but I really want to start embroidering some flour sack towels…I found the exact pattern of my mom’s from the 40’s….too many wants here!

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  3. I can’t wait to read the Hypnotic Tiles post!! I’m still catching up on my blog reading. I have 3 projects going right now that are all almost done and I’m super excited to get to the next thing on my To-Do list!!! 😀

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