Hypnotic Tiles in Pistachio
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Finally Finished Friday – Hypnotic Tiles Afghan in Pistachio

I’m so happy that this Hypnotic Tiles afghan is completed. By the end of this project, I was getting a bit tired of this design, but that’s probably due to the fact that I completed another one shortly before starting this. I don’t usually like to repeat the same project right away, because I lose interest if I find something too repetitive.

Hypnotic Tiles in Pistachio

I wasn’t thrilled with how this afghan looked in this Pistachio colourway when I first started the project, but by the time it was about halfway done I had changed my mind. I also found that in this colourway it was a little more difficult to space the tiles so that the colours weren’t next to each other. A few times, I consulted my cake of yarn, and tried to predict where the colours would fall for the next tile or two so that I could space them accordingly.

The border on this afghan is very simple, just a few repeats of a double crochet row, and a single crochet row, but I like the width and the simplicity of it, especially next to the layered look of the tiles. Here’s a closeup of the border.

Hypnotic Tiles Border

This afghan is for my cousin, her favourite colour is green but I’m not sure if the particular shades will appeal to her. She has fibromyalgia, and I want something that she can wrap herself up in when she has a bad day and needs some comfort so I really hope she likes it.

That’s it for completed projects this week.Β  Have you finished any projects, or started any new ones?


14 thoughts on “Finally Finished Friday – Hypnotic Tiles Afghan in Pistachio”

  1. How sweet are you? πŸ’• Your cousin will appreciate the comfort it gives her – from the blanket and from the love in every stitch. πŸ€—
    The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Now I wanna run and find some pistachio yarn πŸ˜€
    🌺 Tina xoxo

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    1. Thank you, she is more like a sister to me. She is three months older than I am, and we were very close growing up, so I wanted to do something for her that would help to cheer her up when she needs it.

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  2. I love the colours of this blanket (and I normally love bright colours!) it really is restful and it looks perfect for wrapping up in. I’m sure your cousin will love it, and she’ll definitely appreciate your love and care for her.

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