Review: Hour is Come by Victoria Tait

Hour is Come by Victoria Tait is book 0.5 in her A Dotty L. Sayers Antique Mystery series and is available for free if you sign up for her newsletter. Dotty is a newly widowed young woman, her father and husband have always made major decisions and Dotty is getting her first taste of independence.Continue reading “Review: Hour is Come by Victoria Tait”

Review: The Twist of a Knife by Anthony Horowitz

I discovered Anthony Horowitz’s novels last year and after finding out that he had written for several of my favourite British television shows, such as Midsomer Murders, and Foyle’s War, I quickly read through all of his mysteries that I could find . His books did not disappoint. The Twist of a Knife was myContinue reading “Review: The Twist of a Knife by Anthony Horowitz”