Review: Mall Priest by Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke

Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke have partnered together again to produce a fantastic new book, Mall Priest: A Tale of Demonic Holiday Horror. As usual, they send the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Horror is a new genre for this pair, and as the title might suggest it’s more of a light horror read.Continue reading “Review: Mall Priest by Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke”

Review: Two for the Road by Chantal Guertin

Two For The Road (also known as Gigi, Listening) by Chantal Guertin is a cute romantic comedy which takes place on a bus tour in England. The main character, Gigi, took over her family’s small town bookstore after the sudden tragic death of her parents. Without giving too much of the story away, she endsContinue reading “Review: Two for the Road by Chantal Guertin”

Review: Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen was different from most of the books I read. In fact, when it became available on my library holds list, I couldn’t even remember why I had added it. Other Birds is tagged on GoodReads as Magical Realism, and while there are some supernatural occurrences, they do not dominateContinue reading “Review: Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen”

Review: Hour is Come by Victoria Tait

Hour is Come by Victoria Tait is book 0.5 in her A Dotty L. Sayers Antique Mystery series and is available for free if you sign up for her newsletter. Dotty is a newly widowed young woman, her father and husband have always made major decisions and Dotty is getting her first taste of independence.Continue reading “Review: Hour is Come by Victoria Tait”