Hypnotic Tiles Afghans – One Completed


If you are on any crochet or knitting groups on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen the Caron Cakes craze among the users in North America (since until recently that was the only place it was available). I will admit that I have jumped on that bandwagon. I’ve completed a few projects with them (some of which I will share another time), and I have a few more planned. For today, I want to share one project that I have already completed, and another in the same pattern, which is still in progress.

The pattern I used is the Hypnotic Tiles Afghan designed by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd.

Hypnotic Tiles afghan in Cake Pop

I didn’t go strictly by the pattern, which is for an afghan that is 4 tiles wide by 5 tiles long. I found that even though my gauge was pretty close what was recommended, I was getting 5 tiles from each cake, so I decided to make 24 tiles for my afghan and made it 4 tiles wide by 6 tiles long.

If you’ve never worked with Caron Cakes before, the colour changes are very abrupt so if you’re the type of person who likes to have colour changes right at the beginning of a new round, or row, then this yarn (or others like it) probably isn’t for you. I like to let the colour changes fall where they may, so that each afghan is unique.

I worked this afghan in Cake Pop, and as you can see it turned out great! I really love the texture in this pattern, so much so that I decided to make another one in another colour. It’s also a super easy pattern, where you are just alternating two rows so it’s easy to memorize and work on while you watch television (or Netflix) in the evening.

Hypnotic Tiles with border in Cake Pop

And now we come to my WIP (work in progress), the Hypnotic Tiles Afghan in Pistachio.

Hypnotic Tiles in progress in Pistachio

I wasn’t sure I liked this colour combination after I completed the first two tiles, but it’s starting to grow on me now. I’m only on the second cake but once again I got 5 tiles from the first cake, so I’m hoping to make another 24 tile afghan.

Another thing I love about this afghan is that the back also has a cool looking design, and it’s a completely different look.

The back of the Hypnotic Tiles afghan

Have you heard of Caron Cakes? Are they available where you are? Have you made anything with them, or with something similar? I would love to check out your projects!

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10 thoughts on “Hypnotic Tiles Afghans – One Completed

    1. It’s hard to get Sweet Rolls here in Canada. There are a few online places to order from, but it isn’t carried in any stores. I have checked out some of the colours and they have some great combinations. I would love to see your projects if you try them out!

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  1. I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for a while – I just love Mikey! I’ve used the cakes to make a poncho and a sweater. I have 3 cakes that I bought a few months ago that I’m waiting until the ‘right’ project says “Hey use those cakes” – I may try this afghan with single color skeins because I love the stitch pattern. I think I’m going to save my 3 in waiting for something else. 😀

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      1. Thanks! I love the texture in the pattern. And in the cakes, it’s so snugly . I just want to wrap up in it…except it’s for my brother, so I’ve put it in a box, away from temptation. 😁


  2. Never heard of Caron Cakes – having read your post I gather it’s the name of the yarn. terminology over there is different to what ‘m used to! I like the look of the back better than the front!


    1. Yes, Caron is a brand of yarn and Cakes is the product. They have only been available in North America until recently. I think they are now available in Australia, but I’m not sure about anywhere else. There are quite a few similar products popping up now though in other brands. Basically it’s a self striping yarn, with abrupt colour changes, and it is wound into cakes…which is where it gets it’s name…and the colours are usually reminiscent of a dessert, or something. For instance Rainbow Sprinkles, Cherry Chip, and Strawberry Trifle are some of the colour names.

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