My Weight Loss Journey – Week 13

Sandwhich Alternative

Today was weigh in day, and I’m happy to say I was down 2.8 pounds this morning! I passed two targets this week, 10% of my starting weight, and 30 pounds! I’ve now lost a total of 30.7 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I’m still feeling motivated.

I don’t really have any recipes to share this week because I haven’t had time to try something new. I did however find a new food that I decided to try. I have cut bread out of my diet, but I know I won’t be able to do that forever, so I was looking for something that I could have occasionally which would allow me to enjoy a sandwich or a burger, but without resorting to regular bread.

I was so happy when I came across these flat breads which are shaped like two circles joined at one side, so that you can fold them over. (You can see them in the featured photo in this post.) The best part is, they have the same amount of carbs as a serving of the Greek yogurt I eat, but with fewer sugars, and more protein! And they are only 3 points for the whole piece! (I won’t give the brand name of the flat bread since I’m in Canada, and probably not widely available.)

To test them out, I used one for dinner on Saturday night. I added some Sweet Kale salad (from a salad mix which contains various greens including baby kale, a sweet poppy seed dressing, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries), and some cubed chicken breast to one and made a sandwich from it. It was so delicious! Next I want to try making a variation on my favourite Greek pizza!

If you have any recipes for healthy meals, or have a favourite source for recipes that you would like to share, please do!


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8 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 13

  1. Hooray for a great week!! I have to find some of these flat breads. It’s been easy to cut out bread but like you said, I can’t do it forever. Especially with summer right around the corner. We love to take picnics and a sandwich of some sort is the best and easiest thing to make. Thanks for the tip on these!! 😀

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    1. Thanks! I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar. The ones I found are 5 grains and flax. They say they are made in Michigan so maybe you can find the brand…they’re called Flatout Foldit.

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