WIP Wednesday – First Edition

Hypnotic Tiles in Pistachio

I’m taking a page from some of my fellow craft bloggers and creating a regular feature on my blog, Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday. For this first week, I have a plethora of projects to post, so lets get started!

Back in May I started two thread crochet projects, both of which were designed by Grace Fearon from Emily and the Handmade. The first pattern is Winter. I love the look of the completed doily, but I got stuck on round 10, and I haven’t had time to go back to work on it yet. The other is Evelyn which started out as a crochet along, but I fell behind early on and have been working on other projects, so coincidentally I haven’t progressed past round 10 on it either.

Next up is the knitted Feather and Fan shawl that I started a few weeks ago. Once again, I haven’t done much (or anything) with it since posting about it back when I first started it. I’m hoping posting my WIPs will get me motivated to work more on these projects so that I can get them finished and move on to new things.

Feather and Fan Knitted Shawl
Feather and Fan Knitted Shawl

Next up is a project that I came across which was stuck in a box for a few years. I had completely forgotten about this project until I found it while doing some decluttering. I think I started it back when I was on a break from school a few years ago, and then when I was back in class, I forgot about it. The pattern is called Alluring, and is from the pattern book Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans by Leisure Arts.

Alluring - Cabled Throw
Alluring – Cabled Throw

I’m also working on a crocheted afghan, the Hypnotic Tiles afghan designed by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. This one is a gift for my cousin, so I’ve been working on it the most. In fact, since I took this picture I’ve added 2 or 3 tiles to it. The full afghan will be 4×6 tiles, then I have to add the border.

Hypnotic Tiles in Pistachio
Hypnotic Tiles in Pistachio

Finally, we come to my latest (and last) project, the Pins and Stripes quilt from the crochet along that Tracey at It’s a T-Sweets Day was hosting. She has completed the lessons now, but as usual, I’m a bit behind, so I’m just starting lesson 5 of 7. Here is a preview of how my quilt will look once I sew the squares together. Although I’m making progress on this one, I’m afraid it will take me a few more weeks to complete it.

Pins and Strips Quilt in Progress
Pins and Strips Quilt in Progress

That’s it for my first WIP Wednesday post. I probably should get one or two of these completed before starting something new, but I bought a new sewing machine a few weeks ago, and I want to play with it so I’m not sure I can resist a new project.  Right now I’m using my old machine for my quilt since it’s what I started it with, and I’m already used to it’s quirks.

I’m curious, how many projects do you have on the go? If you have multiple, are they all the same type of craft? Do you try to set a limit on the number of projects you have on the go at one time?

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19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – First Edition

  1. You have a lot of really awesome projects going!! At the moment I “only” have 5 crochet projects. But I have at least half a dozen more that I want to start and have been trying really really hard to resist!!! I love the hypnotic squares afghan! I saw that one on youtube and wanted to start it but I didn’t. That may become a winter project. Can’t wait to see if you end up adding any new projects to your WIP post for next week!!! LOL πŸ˜€

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    1. I know, it’s crazy how many projects I have on the go, lol. This is my second Hypnotic Tiles afghan, and I’m finding this one a little more challenging to balance colour wise…the colours seem to fall more closely together so it’s harder to keep the outer edges different colours when I connect them.

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    1. I don’t usually have this many at once if I can help it, but I’ve been wanting to try new things lately, and joined a few crochet alongs, and a quilt along…so my projects in progress have exploded, lol.


        1. To be honest, I have other projects that have been sitting for years. One of these days I’ll pull them out and post them when I’m ready to continue working on them. For now I’ll just pretend that they don’t exist. 😊


  2. I agree with Tracy, you’re doing a great job on this quilt. Even on her Long Time Gone, most of the individual blocks are not any more difficult than this. Putting it all together takes a little more care, but if you can do this quilt, you can do that one. =) As for how many UFOs I have … I’m afraid to count. More than 25, all quilts. I’ve finished several this year, but started just as many more!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I so want to get this put together so that I can choose my next quilt. I just need more time….or a clone, lol.


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