Tea Advent Calendar Day 2 – Chocolate Macaroon

Chocolate Macaroon

It’s day 2 of my Tea Advent Calendar, and I was a little disappointed when I saw today’s tea selection which is Chocolate Macaroon. Chocolate Macaroon is a black tea with coconut, chocolate and pecans. Now, I’ve only found one chocolate tea that I’ve actually enjoyed over the years (Hot Chocolate by David’s Tea), plus I’m not a big fan of coconut, hence my disappointment.

Chocolate Macaroon Tea

On opening the tin, my fears were confirmed, the tea smelled strongly of coconut, so my expectations were already low for this tea. I tried to keep an open mind. My battle with coconut is ongoing. I like it in some things and hate it in others, so sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

Today I’m drinking from my colour changing candy cane mug. The heat from the tea changes the candy canes from black and white, to red and white (you can see the black and white in the photo at the top of the post). I’ve had this mug for several years, and sadly, I’ve noticed that the candy canes are starting to peel, so it may be time next year for a new mug.

I steeped this tea for 5 minutes, and although it’s a black tea the colour wasn’t extremely dark so I didn’t feel the need to add milk to it. (I generally only add milk to something like English Breakfast, or Orange Pekoe.) Once again, it was slightly sweet, enough that I didn’t need to add anything to sweeten it either.

After steeping the scent was still overwhelmingly coconut, I really couldn’t smell chocolate in it at all. The main flavour after the first sip was coconut (no surprise), I really couldn’t detect any chocolate in it at all. That said, it wasn’t completely unpleasant, so I was happy with it. While I wouldn’t buy it again, it is drinkable, even for this coconut hater.

So far my preference is for Let It Snow, from day 1. I’m looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s tea with you! Do you drink tea? Do you like to try different flavours, or do you prefer to stick to traditional teas?

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9 thoughts on “Tea Advent Calendar Day 2 – Chocolate Macaroon

  1. I saw the title of your post and thought, “that isn’t a good idea for a flavor” and then I read your post and said to myself, “she didn’t think so either!” In general, chocolate tea just isn’t right in my mind. Chocolate goes better with coffee. I do like trying new flavors sometimes, but I mostly drink the “old standards” every day. My “old standards” are English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Gunpowder. Once a week I probably make myself a pot of chai.

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