My Weight Loss Journey – Week 57

I know, I know, I’m super late, yet again with this weeks blog post. I do have a valid excuse I think…you can tell me if you don’t agree.

I don’t know how all of you blog, but I prefer to write on my laptop. I have (or had) all of my photo editing software there, and I find it more comfortable for typing. I started having a few issues with it a while ago. For one thing, the hard drive was getting full. Very, very, full…I kept having to delete files to make room for Windows updates. It had also been getting slower and slower, and just generally started acting up.

Now the specs on this computer are still pretty decent, so I decided to try to upgrade the hard drive in an effort to save a bit of money and in the hopes that it would resolve most, if not all, of my issues. I ordered a new, larger hard drive from Amazon but when it arrived I had problems getting it to work. My laptop wouldn’t detect the drive when it was installed, or even when it was hooked up through a USB port. After a lot of troubleshooting (over the course of several weeks) I finally came to the conclusion that the drive was faulty.

Yesterday I put in a request for a replacement hard drive, and today it arrived. I’m happy to say that it came just in time, as my old hard drive finally decided to call it quits, and caused my computer to load to a black screen no matter what I did. Luckily, the new hard drive works, and is now installed in my laptop (it took about half an hour to install it and install Windows 10).

My weight loss update will be a short one today, since I don’t have any photos downloaded, and my photo editing software is not yet installed. (I’m working on that and all of my other programs as I type this. It’s the one thing I dislike about a fresh installation.)

As of last Monday I lost another .2 pounds, putting my total at 100.8 pounds. After the previous extremely successful weeks it was no surprise to me to see the smaller number, and I was very happy that my scale showed any movement at all.

I’m still trying to make a decision on my personal reward for reaching my 100 pound milestone. I’m pretty sure it will be a Pandora bracelet, but I haven’t completely decided on which style (there are quite a few to choose from) or the specific charm (or charms) I want to get with my initial purchase. There are so many tough decisions!

I’m so happy to have a working computer, and I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging. Now I just have to dedicate myself to getting caught up on all the blog posts sitting in my email inbox. If I haven’t read yours yet, don’t worry, I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

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