Review: The Lady Takes It All by Terri Brisbin

The Lady Takes It All by Terri Brisbin is the first book in her new series Unexpected Heirs of Scotland and is a wonderful start to the series.

Joshua Robertson is a former diplomat and explorer who partnered with the wrong person. His reputation practically in ruins, he unexpectedly inherits the viscountcy of Dunalastair, quieting the rumours but making him an outcast throughout most of society.

Arabella MacGibbon is the daughter of his former partner, and up until his death, her father cast aspersions on Joshua, making out that Joshua cheated him out of his share of a fortune. Arabella is determined to get revenge for her father and manages to get herself hired as Joshua’s housekeeper using the alias Mrs. Clara Lewis. In so doing, she unwittingly leads danger to the viscount’s door.

From the beginning there was sufficient intrigue to capture my attention, and I found it difficult to put the book down. Both Joshua and Arabella came off as intelligent, level headed people. I appreciated that while Arabella was in the viscount’s home to seek revenge, she didn’t let her preconceived notions of him blind her to his true nature.

The book had an interesting cast of side character, I was especially amused by the viscount’s butler, Pottles and his indignation any time Joshua didn’t act as he thought a viscount should, or when he thought his authority was being undermined.

The Lady Takes it all was a very enjoyable read with witty dialogue, a bit of intrigue and action, and a few steamy scenes. I was captivated by the storytelling and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

The Lady Takes it All releases on January 13 2023 and is published by Dragonblade Publishing.

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