My Weight Loss Journey V2 – Week 7 to 11

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I’ve been terrible at these update posts over the last month. To be honest, I fell a bit “off the wagon” in December and didn’t do much tracking, and as a result I didn’t have a lot of progress to report., and in fact this update is going to be quite short.

I’ve been trying to do a reset in January with mixed success. Food tracking has not been the greatest, but getting off the sofa and doing some activity has been faring better.

I have never been one to love exercise, When I’m doing it I usually enjoy it, but getting motivated is tougher. I already don’t like getting sweaty, and can always think of something else I would rather be doing. So, it’s a big deal that so far I have not missed a day in 2023 of getting on my exercise bike to put some miles on it. When I bought it last year I had every intention of using it regularly, and I thought ahead and bought one with a desktop because I knew that part of my problem would be that I would want to be accomplishing something else at the same time. So now, when I hop on my bike, I can be reading, or updating my blog, or playing my Switch and still getting in my exercise.

It also helps that my aunt got me into Conqueror Challenges. I signed up to do the Lord of the Rings challenge, so now I’m on my way through The Shire,. To be honest, I bought the challenges last year, it seems that I am not super motivated by bling…who knew? I already have three of their medals that I did at the end of 2021 and early 2022. Hopefully once I get a couple more under my belt I’ll feel more motivated by them, because I have several codes waiting for me on top of the remaining Lord of the Rings medals.

Now I’m off to put a few more miles (or more precisely, kilometers), on my Shire medal.

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