Review: Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen was different from most of the books I read. In fact, when it became available on my library holds list, I couldn’t even remember why I had added it. Other Birds is tagged on GoodReads as Magical Realism, and while there are some supernatural occurrences, they do not dominate the story.

The story was well written, and very character driven. The main character is Zoey, a teenage girl, about to start college and on her own for the first time. She moves into the apartment she inherited from her mother, which is located in a small complex filled with a rather motley set of characters.

Although the story is mainly shown from Zoey’s point of view, the point of view does change occasionally so that we get to see through the eyes of most of the characters at some point.

I found Other Birds to be a heartwarming story about a group of emotionally damaged people finding each other and making a found family. I’m very glad I read it and I’ll be checking out other books by this author.

I loved this book so much that I bought the ebook for my Kobo and am thinking of adding a hard copy to my bookshelf.

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