Review: Kilting Around by Cathryn Fox

iPad showing cover of Kilting Around by Cathryn Fox with fountain pen, reading glasses and notebook in the background.

Kilting Around by Cathryn Fox is book 1 in her new Hot Scots in Kilts romantic comedy series and is a great introduction to a new series!

Told from alternating points of view, this is the story of Gavan Duncan and Luce Johnson.

Gavan is summoned to Boston from Glasgow by his cousin, Finn, a gay, event planner who declares that he needs Gavan to impersonate him for a month while he holidays in Fiji with his current love interest. During that time, he wants Gavan (posing as himself) to take charge of an important client that could make or break his business.

Luce, part of a high profile Boston family,  has been put in charge of her sister’s wedding, and is working with Gavan (as Finn) to make it come together.

This book will require you to suspend disbelief a bit, but if you can do that, the book is a riot. Full of funny situations, and lots of sexy times, it’s just a light, enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to reading other books in the series.

Thanks to the author for providing an advanced copy of this book for review.

Kilting Around releases on April 20 2023.

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