My Weight Loss Journey – Week 7

I only started this blog last week so I’m missing weeks 1 to 6, but I plan to provide an update every Monday, which is my weigh in day. Blogging is part of my incentive to keep myself accountable, and on track to reach my goals.

Last week I had an unusual week where I lost over 4 pounds, so I was prepared for little to no loss this week (this is not my first time doing this after all), and I was correct in my thinking. I was only down .2 pounds this morning when I did my weekly weigh in, but even that little bit made me happy!

One of the challenges I’m facing is to stay excited about making good, healthy choices for meals and snacks. To help keep myself on track I’ve been looking for new recipes, trying new ways to cook things, and rediscovering my love of cooking. Shortly after starting Weight Watchers I went through my cupboards, and then went out and purchased some good, quality oils and vinegars, some of which I’ve never used before. I’ve also been trying some new foods that I haven’t cooked with, or eaten before.

I hope that as time goes on, I can come up with some recipes to share here. In the meantime, I’ll be trying new things, and keeping myself on track.

First Attempt at Thread Crochet

A friend of mine has been showing me the beautiful doilies she’s been making with crochet thread and seeing her gorgeous projects has inspired me to try it. Although I’ve been crocheting since I was young this is one medium I have not worked with, so I signed up for a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) and started my first crochet thread project.

The pattern I’m using was designed by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade, and is called Wendy. The pattern for Wendy was already available in full, but for the CAL, Grace updated the pattern and released it in 5 parts. The final portion was released a while ago, but since I’m only able to crochet in my free time, and since crochet isn’t my only pastime, I’m still working on part 3.

For my first thread crochet project, I’ve been using Aunt Lydia’s Classic crochet thread in size 10 and I decided to make mine using 2 colours. I chose Wood Violet, and Mint Green. Here is what it looks like up to the end of round 16.

Wendy round 16 complete.

In all, I’ve found that thread crochet is not as difficult as I have always believed it would be, and Wendy is turning out to be a fun, challenging pattern to work, with lovely results.

I’ll post more of my progress as I finish the CAL parts and my first attempt at blocking. I can hardly wait to share the completed project!

My Weight Loss Journey Begins

Just over six weeks ago, I rejoined Weight Watchers after many years away due to medical issues.

The last time I joined Weight Watchers, I have to admit, I didn’t really change a lot about how I ate. I still ate pre-packaged foods, and things that weren’t really great for me, I just found ways to get the most out of my points. And at the time, it worked, but it didn’t change my eating habits, which is probably why I regained so much more weight.

This time around, I’m changing everything about how I eat. I ‘m eating few pre-packaged foods and concentrating more on eating fresh, whole foods. I am also staying away from the low fat, no fat, sugar-free foods which are loaded with things that are probably not any better for me than their high fat counterparts. I’ve also cut back significantly on things like potatoes, pastas, bread, and rice…all staples of my former diet.

So far, I’m not feeling significantly better, but as of Monday (my weekly weigh in day), I have lost 17.1 pounds, so I feel like I’m doing well. That being said, I have 118.9 to go until I reach my goal, so I have a long journey ahead of me. I still need to get more active, I’ve been doing it gradually, but I’ve started, and that is what is important.

Part of the reason I started blogging, other than to share some of the things I love, was to also share my weight loss journey, and to keep me inspired so that I don’t get discouraged along the way.


Life, Tea, and Everything

You may be asking yourself, what is this blog all about. In truth it’s all in the title…Life, Tea, and Everything.

I recently started a weight loss journey and I wanted somewhere to be able to share my successes, and my failures, as I try to get healthier, and learn to make healthier choices for myself. In fact, I’m celebrating a success today! Today was my 6 week weigh in. Over the past 6 weeks I have lost 4.2 pounds for a total of 17.1 pounds, and I hit just a little over my short term 5% goal.

I also wanted a place to share my obsession with tea, and my love of books, crafts, my furbaby, travel, and anything else that may come to mind.

I’m still making decisions on how this will all work but I hope if you have stumbled upon this page, that you will find something that you enjoy!