Romancing the Capital 2018

This past weekend was the Romancing the Capital book conference here in Ottawa. This was the fourth year for the conference, and I’m very happy to say that the organizer, Eve Langlais, is planning on doing another in 2019! Yay! As you may have guessed, this conference focuses on romance novels in all forms from sweet to well, basically whatever you can think of. This was my third year attending, and the second year in which my friend, Dianne, attended with me…and we are planning on attending next year as well, and maybe dragging along another friend or two.

Let’s Talk About Tea

I have an obsession with tea that, until now, I have not talked about on my blog, and I’m sure some of you wondered why this blog is called Life, Tea, and Everything since I never talk about tea. Well that is about to change because I just got this year’s David’s Tea Advent Calendar, and I’m so excited! So get prepared because next month there will be 24 days (or as close to it as I can get) of tea reviews on my blog.