First Attempt at Thread Crochet


A friend of mine has been showing me the beautiful doilies she’s been making with crochet thread and seeing her gorgeous projects has inspired me to try it. Although I’ve been crocheting since I was young this is one medium I have not worked with, so I signed up for a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) and started my first crochet thread project.

The pattern I’m using was designed by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade, and is called Wendy. The pattern for Wendy was already available in full, but for the CAL, Grace updated the pattern and released it in 5 parts. The final portion was released a while ago, but since I’m only able to crochet in my free time, and since crochet isn’t my only pastime, I’m still working on part 3.

For my first thread crochet project, I’ve been using Aunt Lydia’s Classic crochet thread in size 10 and I decided to make mine using 2 colours. I chose Wood Violet, and Mint Green. Here is what it looks like up to the end of round 16.

Wendy round 16 complete.

In all, I’ve found that thread crochet is not as difficult as I have always believed it would be, and Wendy is turning out to be a fun, challenging pattern to work, with lovely results.

I’ll post more of my progress as I finish the CAL parts and my first attempt at blocking. I can hardly wait to share the completed project!

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3 thoughts on “First Attempt at Thread Crochet

  1. Kate this is beautiful! I only just started working some with thread about a year ago myself. It feels so dainty using the smaller hook – when I switch back to a yarn project it feels so giant and bulky!! 😀

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