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Wendy Doily Update

In my previous post, I mentioned that Wendy, the doily I am working on as my first thread crochet project, was released in 5 parts as a Crochet-A-Long (CAL). Wendy was designed by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade and I discovered her work after seeing a friend use some of Grace’s designs to make doilies of her own.

The last time I posted I was in the middle of part 3 of this CAL, having just completed round 16. Today I’ve completed up to the end of the fourth part, but I will show you how Wendy looks with each part completed so you can see how the pattern comes together.

Below you can see Wendy after I completed part 3, which is the end of round 18 of the pattern.


The most challenging round up to this point I think was round 16, not because it was a particularly difficult round, but I did end up having to frog it a couple of times because I didn’t start in the correct stitch. After that I started using my stitch markers to make it clearer and I didn’t have that same problem in subsequent rounds.

And here is part 4 completed which brings us to the end of round 22. I decided to go back to the green for this part of the pattern, and for part 5, coming up, I will finish off in the purple.

IMG_1638-Edit - 880 wide

Part 4 was where I finally started seeing how pretty this pattern is and really started to enjoy working on it. I loved watching the scallops taking shape, and the more lacy look of the outer rounds.

With the colour changes, I discovered that sewing in ends in thread is a little more difficult than when I’m using regular worsted weight yarn. I feel like yarn hides the sewn in ends a little better, but I will get the hang of it. That or I will make any future projects in solid colours.

So far Wendy is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to completing part 5! Only three rounds to go!

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