Wendy Doily – Almost Complete


My first attempt at thread crochet is nearly complete! Wendy, the pattern I chose which was designed by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade, has been a bit of a challenge at times, but a delight to watch take shape.

When I started on part 5 of Wendy, I realized that I should have made the colour change in the previous row because it would have defined the scallops a little better. So I went back, frogged row 22 and redid it with purple. I think it was an improvement.

Wendy with row 22 in green.
Wendy with row 22 in purple.







My original plan had been to finish all of part 5 in purple, but looking at other completed examples of Wendy I realized that because the second last round was completed using back-post double-crochet (BPDC) stitches, it gave a bit of a layered effect, and so I decided to do an additional colour change to finish off the outer edge in green.

Wendy complete except for blocking.

I think the final round of Wendy was the most frustrating for me. I found that I really detest picots, almost as much as I hate sewing in ends!

For many years I have admired the thread work done by other people and envied their ability to create such lovely pieces. I always thought that working with thread would be difficult due to the sizes of both the hook and the thread. I was happy to find out that it was not nearly as difficult as I had always believed and I won’t hesitate to try another thread crochet pattern. In fact, having seen some other examples of Wendy, I’m tempted to make at least one more with this pattern so that I can experiment with the placement of colour changes.

There will eventually be one more update on Wendy, once I get her blocked, but it may be a while as I’m still looking for stainless steel blocking pins in my area. Until then I”ll continue with other projects and continue posting them here!

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