My Weight Loss Journey – Week 14-15

I was looking back over my Weight Watchers app data and realized that somewhere along the way when I started my blog, I miscounted my weeks, so I’m actually at week 15, not at week 14. This week’s update has to be short and sweet (as well as a day late).

I’m happy to say that I’m another pound down, for a total of 31.7 pounds! And I even treated myself to sushi on Friday night! It just goes to show that you can eat healthily, and still have a treat once in a while! 

And now here’s a picture of my sushi (yum)….it actually stretched to several meals because I ordered too much, but it was a new-to-me restaurant so I needed to try a couple of different dishes. That’s my excuse anyway 😉

What is your favourite thing to treat yourself with once in a while?

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6 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 14-15

  1. You are doing amazingly well! I like all the bad stuff!
    I do need to find some healthier alternatives. Right now on my lunch break , I am craving chocolate after my sandwich. Trying to resist! X

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    1. I cut out a lot of simple carbs from my everyday diet, and I’m finding it easier now, but in the beginning it was so hard! I treat myself now with one square of quality chocolate now when I want it, and I stick to that one square, lol.

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  2. Congrats for another great week!! You see what I post every week so you know dessert with my son on Wednesday’s is my treat!! It works out perfect because I have a little treat and he takes all the leftovers home!! 😀

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