My New Decluttering Aid

I have been trying to declutter my apartment for quite a while now, and while I’ve been making slow progress, I’ve been a bit hindered by the fact that my car is quite far from my apartment, and I can’t carry the heavier boxes around the way that I used to. Age, and health issues have taken their toll in that respect, so I have several areas in my apartment which have been overtaken by boxes. They have just been waiting until I found a way to get them to the car so that I can drive them to their new temporary home…the thrift shop.

I finally found way to transport them! I bought this awesome folding camping wagon this week to haul my boxes out, and the bonus is it will be handy for bringing groceries in, so even once I’ve finished decluttering it will still have a purpose.

To be honest, I actually thought of it almost a year ago, but stores here only stock it seasonally so they were out of stock by the time I went looking for them. This year I found one early, and got a good price too! Now I just have to put it to work!

I’m trying to let go of some of the less meaningful (if there is such a thing) gifts people have given me over the years, as well as some of the things I’ve kept since my childhood. I also need to do another sort through the things I kept after my parents both passed away to see what is really meaningful to me, and what I kept just because none of my siblings wanted it.

Are any of you decluttering? Do you have any tips for me? I would especially like to know how you deal letting go of things you are emotionally attached to due to memories you associate with them.

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