Quilt Along – Learn to Quilt – Lesson 4

Pins and Stripes QAL Blocks

I finally made it through lesson 4 of Tracy’s quilt along over at It’s A T-Sweets Day and I’m feeling pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished.

It was slow going for this lesson and it took me a while to work through all of the steps. First I sewed the squares to the ends of the 2 1/2 inch strips and then did the “flip” and pressed all of them before attaching the first side to my previously assembled pieces.

Then I started to add the final piece to my blocks. I was so excited that I had to stop after my first block was completed so that I could snap a picture!


And finally all of my blocks were completed. I’m loving my colour choices, for some reason they just make me so happy when I look at them.

Completed Blocks

I have learned a few lessons along the way with this project and I know I have made a few mistakes which have resulted in my blocks being slightly uneven, and/or not all exactly the same size. In order to correct that issue, I’ll be making a little side journey to square up my blocks before I put them all together.

I really have to thank Tracy for preparing all the lessons for this QAL, I’ve been having so much fun. She has already released the final three lessons, but if you have always wanted to make a quilt, you can find the first lesson here.

Are you a quilter? Do you have a favourite pattern that’s suitable for a beginner?

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6 thoughts on “Quilt Along – Learn to Quilt – Lesson 4

    1. It’s so funny how just looking at them makes me feel happy. What will happen when I get it all put together? I’ll want to sit and look at it all day. 😊

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