Romancing the Capital 2017 – Part 2

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Saturday August 5th was day two of Romancing the Capital 2017 (RTC) a romance author/reader event organized by Eve Langlais which takes place in Ottawa, Ontario. This is the third year for the conference, and my second year attending. The conference is a small one compared to some others, from what I understand (this is the only one I’ve attended personally), but it gives readers the opportunity to really mingle with the authors in attendance and get to know them a little better.

If you are easily offended by talk of sex, and sex related things, then you may want to skip this post. It’s really not that bad, but there is a small mention of sex toys in it, so if you can take that, you’re good to go.

Dianne and I breakfasted at Graffiti’s Italian Eatery again before heading to our first session of the day, Sin is In with Eliza Gayle. We had a great discussion about Eliza’s books, and I’ve added her to my must read list. I haven’t ready any of her books before, so I am looking forward to checking them out.

Next we attended 50 Shades of Play hosted by Tina Chrsitopher, but with support from lots of other fanastic authors like Elizabeth Lister, Angela S. Stone, Nathan Burgoine and others. We played some fun games and near the end of the session, I was picked to break open a piñata filled with naughty items, while blindfolded, and using a paddle. I broke open the piñata on the third swing (to be fair, previous participants had been using dildos to get it to the point where it was ready to break open) and for my troubles, I was awarded the paddle (pictured below with a moose from my swag bag, and a goat from author Felicity Kates/Kate Reedwood).

50 Shades of Play

The last session of the day for us was Lucky Digits with Desiree Holt and Ashlyn Chase. In that session we discussed their books, and learned a bit about numerology, and how to use it to select a pen name.

After this last session, we had a break for several hours before the big book signing event. I had pre-ordered a bunch of books, but I also brought extra cash to the signing so that I could buy even more books. I came away with this awesome collection to add to my book shelves.

Book haul

After the signing, we had a couple of hours to rest up, and appreciate our new books before attending the Fairy Tale Monster Bash. Dianne and I didn’t have costumes but luckily we had one lady at our table who had a fantastic Maleficent costume, because after dinner, they asked us to nominate the person with that best costume at each table to send up for the authors to vote on the best costume of the night. Happily, she was one of the chosen winners! Here she is in her fabulous costume, and with her prize.

I was super excited to get my photo taken with some of my favourite authors, and I have to say they were all very gracious, and patient while my friend took a few shots. (What can I say, we’re scrapbookers, so one shot is never enough.)

Some favourite authors
Anne Lange, me, Felicity Kates/Kate Reedwood, and Sharon Page
More favourite authors
Barbara Devlin, Anna Markland, and me

And that brings RTC 2017 to a close for me. I now have lots of books to read over the next year, and I’m happy to say that Dianne and I already have our tickets for next year! It’s so exciting!


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