Finally Finished (something) Friday!!!

I got really tired of not having completed any projects lately, so last weekend I started yet another quick and simple project so that I could feel like I had accomplished something. I actually owed my sister a birthday gift, and way, way back in January (when her birthday actually was) she had picked out a couple of patterns. One was a hat, and the other was a pair of slippers. I haven’t gotten either of them done up until now, but on Sunday I sat down and started (and completed) her hat.

The hat I made is not actually the pattern she had picked out. I started that one, but by round three, the stitch count was already way off, and I just didn’t feel like making the effort to fix it, so I found another very similar pattern and ran it by her before starting it. I’ve since sent her a photo of the finished hat, and she says she loves it. Now I just need to pop it into the mail so that she has it before the colder weather hits.

Slouchy Hat

The pattern I used I got here from Yarnspirations, but I have to say, I don’t know if it’s the because the yarn in the original pattern is variegated or what, but I would not have guessed the hats were made from the same pattern. The pattern is super simple, the whole thing is made in hdc…which to me was kind of boring, but my sister loved it and that’s what matters.

I had enough yarn leftover that I’ve started a cowl to go with my sister’s hat. Hopefully that turns out well and doesn’t take me long to whip up! Have you completed any items lately? I would love to see or hear about them!

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14 thoughts on “Finally Finished (something) Friday!!!

      1. Yes perfect timing! You obviously meant to do it that way:)
        I wish my handwarmers had been ready for today. The first snowfall and my hands were freezing.
        You’ll have to teach me your timing secret🤣

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