Tea Advent Calendar Day 10 – Walnut Orange Scone

Walnut Orange Scone

Today I drove to Smiths Falls to a little cafe to have lunch with the girls I’ll be cruising with in February. They’re all from Kingston, so we chat a lot on Facebook, but we don’t see each other in person very often. We had a fantastic lunch, exchanged Christmas gifts, and had a long, long visit.

I love scones, and the cafe had an amazing looking Caramel Pecan Scone with glaze on it, and it looked delicious. It was really hard to resist it…I almost bought one to bring home, divide up and freeze, but I resisted and I’m happy that I did. I can make scones at home, and they won’t be covered in sugary glaze, and I’m sure I will enjoy them. So when I opened today’s tea and saw that it was Walnut Orange Scone, it seemed like it was just meant to be!

Walnut Orange Scone

Walnut Orange Scone is a white tea. It smells a little nutty, and slightly citrusy on opening the tin. Because it’s a white tea, I steeped it at a lower temperature for only 2 minutes. The result is a light, slightly citrusy smelling tea, which tastes heavenly. It doesn’t taste strongly of either orange, or walnut, but it is a nice light tasting tea with a very faint sweetness to it.

Orange Walnut Scone

I really like this one, and I think I might add it to my to buy list. So far this year my favourite is still the Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine, but this is a close second.

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4 thoughts on “Tea Advent Calendar Day 10 – Walnut Orange Scone

    1. It really was fun. We were supposed to check out a nearby fabric store since we rarely get to that area, but we were so busy chatting that by the time we remembered, it was closed. Now we’ll just have to meet up again sometime, lol.

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