Tea Advent Calendar Day 12 – Coffee Pu’erh

Coffee Pu'erh

Today’s tea was Coffee Pu’erh. What? You don’t think coffee and tea belong together? I used to feel that way, and while it wouldn’t be my every day choice, one of my favourite teas is one called jumpy Monkey, which contains coffee beans.

Coffee Pu'erh

Coffee Pu’erh is a very dark mixture and the description says it contains almond and vanilla flavouring in addition to the pu’erh tea. I didn’t smell either of those ingredients, but I did detect the coffee, and a smell that I can only describe as dark, if dark has a scent. It really appealed to me, and I looked forward to trying it.

Coffee Pu'erh

I steeped this tea for 5 minutes with water heated almost to boiling. After steeping it retained that dark scent, and as you can see, the tea is dark, in fact it looks to be the colour coffee.

Coffee Pu'erh

On sipping it, this tea tastes a bit like coffee, but not quite as strong. Maybe coffee with a bit of water added to make it weaker. Surprisingly, for as dark as it is, the flavour is quite smooth, I don’t find it bitter at all, so I didn’t need to add milk or cream to make it more palatable as I sometimes have to do with some strong black teas.

I like this tea, and I think it would be very good paired with something sweet. I will be adding it to my list of teas to buy again.

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13 thoughts on “Tea Advent Calendar Day 12 – Coffee Pu’erh

  1. I totally respect your review and your taste, but I think this one would drive me crazy. I think this especially because you described it as watered-down coffee. I think after drinking this I would have to drink five liters of espresso or something! It’s interesting for me to discover, though, that they’re playing with tea in these ways, even mixing tea with coffee.

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    1. Not every type is for everyone! I respect that! I am more of a tea drinker so maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me. I usually only drink coffee in the morning, or if I’m out. I generally only have tea at home.

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      1. My problem is that if I didn’t have caffeine from coffee I would not function in society! For some reason caffeine from tea is not enough and so the coffee taste without the kick would maybe make me be like “coffeecoffeeneedcoffeecoffeecoffeebecauseicansleepwhenimdead” LOL

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