Tea Advent Calendar Day 23 – White Cranberry Bark

White Cranberry Bark

Only one more day to go in my Advent calendar, and today’s tea is White Cranberry Bark, a fruit infusion with dried cranberries and white chocolate. It also contains dried papaya, apples, raisins, elderberries, and hibiscus blossoms.The mixture sounded delicious when I read the description.

The infusion smelled yummy when I opened it. Like fruit, and something sweet that I couldn’t identify. I’m still not sure what the other smell reminded me of, but it was really nice. Once again, I steeped this one for 5 minutes with nearly boiling water.

White Cranberry Bark

The colour of this one is a dark pink almost like a raspberry tea, no beet root to colour it this time! Once steeped, this infusion tastes slightly sweet, but still has a bit of the fruity tartness of the cranberries. It’s a lovely tea, and I paired it with a cherry tart made with wonton wrappers for a little evening snack. I enjoyed this tea, but I’m not sure I would buy it again because I prefer my fruit based teas to have a smoother flavour that doesn’t leave that tart after taste.

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