New WIP – Allium Shawl

Allium Shawl Beginning

I’m trying to finally get back into the groove of things here after my little vacation over the holidays. I’m finding it a little harder to find time to blog (and craft) during the week because work is keeping me busy, so I may have to play around with my schedule a bit. I hope you’ll bear with me if I do, until I find my feet again.

One of the projects I started over the my vacation was this Allium Shawl. The pattern itself is very simple, it starts from the top and each row gets progressively longer. I chose to make this using Loops and Threads Barcelona, in Leafy. It’s a bulky weight acrylic yarn and it feels so soft and cosy. Here it is shortly after I started it.

Allium Shawl Beginning

And here it is in it’s present state. I’ve just completed row 20, and I have 16 more rows to go.

Allium Shawl

I”m lazy and generally don’t block my projects, but this one I think I’m going to have to block because it is keeping it’s straight hexagon sides, rather than the star shape that’s shown in the original pattern. I know it’s nothing I’m doing wrong, I can see why this is happening from reading the pattern. I can only assume that blocking is how they achieved the star shape, I just hope that I can manage to shape it with the acrylic yarn, since the original was made using natural fibres. No matter what, I think it will make a warm and cosy shawl.

Did you notice my new yarn bowl?

Yarn Bowl

Isn’t it fabulous? It was a Christmas gift from one of my friends who is also an avid crocheter (she gets more projects completed than I do) and is one of the people going on the cruise with me in February. Her husband has been practicing making them and I think he’s doing a pretty great job! I love how large it is, it holds one very large ball of yarn, or two smaller ones. It’s awesome to use, especially when you can’t centre pull the yarn. No more yarn balls flopping all over the place!

In addition to my bowl I have a wooden yarn holder which looks like a glorified spinning paper towel holder. It was made by a craftsman in the area, and sold in a local yarn shop. It comes in handy as well, for different yarns. Do you have a yarn bowl or something you use to keep your yarn contained while you’re knitting or crocheting?

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25 thoughts on “New WIP – Allium Shawl

  1. Your shawl looks lovely in those colours. I hoping blocking it achieves the effect you want. And your yarn bowl is just gorgeous. I. Have a yarn bowl but haven’t yet used it for its purpose… It’s been used as a mini rubbish bin for bits of material and thread I cut off during sewing projects! I do also have a spinning wool holder which has been really useful

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