My Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 52 & 53

Tuna melt on malt bread

For those of you who follow my blog, I have finally made it back from my vacation and I’m trying desperately to get back into the swing of things! The cruise was incredible, and yes I indulged a little and as a result I gained 6.2 pounds over the last two weeks, but am I upset? Absolutely not.

I made a decision going into my vacation that I would try to make good choices, but I was also going to enjoy myself, and not worry too much about gaining a few pounds so here I am, back at 196.1 pounds. Could I have done better? Yes, I’m sure I could have. Would I have been happier if I had not gained any weight on the cruise? Probably. Am I happy with the choices I made, despite the fact that I gained? Yes, I have no regrets and I feel refreshed, and ready to get back on track.

I’m still way behind reading all of the blogs that I missed, so I hope you will all be patient with me. I will get through them all eventually, and get caught up. And now for the fun part!

The recipe I’m sharing today is just something quick I threw together for lunch this week. I was looking for something just slightly different to try, and I found some interesting looking malt bread, which looked perfect for pairing with something like poached eggs, because of the round shape of the bread. If you try it out I hope you enjoy it!

Tuna (or Egg) Melt on Malt Bread

2 slices Dempster’s Malt Bread
1/2 can tuna, drained OR 1 hard boiled egg, sliced
baby spinach
4-6 grape tomatoes, cut up
red onion, slivered
30 grams Light Italian Blend grated cheese
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350° F.

Place bread slices on cookie sheet, lined with parchment paper.

Dempster's Malt Bread

Add spinach leaves, tomato, and red onion to each slice.

Prepare Tuna Melt

Add tuna or egg, and top with grated cheese.

Tuna Melt ready for oven

Place in oven for 10 minutes, remove and serve. Add salt and pepper as required.

Tuna melt on malt bread

Disclaimer: I actually used a full can of tuna because I needed to boost my protein the day I had this, but half would work out very well.

And there you have it! My first post since returning. I hope to be able to post some of my vacation photos soon, as well as my impressions of the cruise. We really did have a great time. So much so that we have all booked future cruises, but not crochet cruises, and not all together. Dianne and I have one booked for February 2020, and our friends booked one for January 2020 with their husbands. That gives us all something to look forward to for the next little while!

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8 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 52 & 53

  1. You enjoyed your cruise! I’m so glad you had fun. The few pounds you put on will come off in very little time, I’m sure. I usually gain weight on special occasions because of the alcoholic drinks. Cocktails have lots of calories and they also mess with your body’s chemistry to slow down metabolism and other things.

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  2. Welcome back, Kate! Your dinner looks pretty awesome, and I know you will be cruising towards your weight loss goals again in no time. I am excited to read more about your vacation too!


  3. I love your attitude towards the cruise. Why go if you’re going to stress the whole time about food? It sounds like you had a nice balance of enjoying yourself and moderation. But I’m also proud of your attitude now that you’re back and ready to get back on track. The tuna melt looks delicious. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yes, that was my feeling…why go on a vacation only to worry about food the whole time? I knew I could get back on track once I got home, and I just tried not to go totally off the rails.

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