My Weight Loss Journey – Week 51

Unfortunately I don’t have a weekly weight update since I’m currently on a ship bound for our first stop, Grand Cayman, but I’m trying to make healthy choices while on this trip with a few small splurges here and there. So far I think I’m doing well. I’m trying to keep my protein and fresh fruit and vegetable intake up, and resist all the delicious looking pastries and sweets.

The most difficult time so far is dinner time, when everyone is ordering dessert. I am lucky at least, that the dining room does make at least one dish geared towards people looking for a healthier option. Last night, our first night on the boat, I ordered Chocolate Cherry Trifle and it was delicious.

I  had a few pictures to post, but my iPad wouldn’t co-operate, and I finally gave up on them. That and the fact that the internet has been very spotty, means I won’t be able to post updates on the trip like I originally wanted to do, but I will be sure to write about it all when I get home.

The crocheting is going well so far, and I’ve met a couple of very nice people in our group. Today (Tuesday) was only the first full day of the cruise, and already we have been busy getting started on our Project Linus blankets. I also volunteered to assist in teaching a Tunisian stitch to others in the class tomorrow. I need to try to practice the stitch a bit since I only learned it today, and my previous experience only included using Tunisian Simple Stitch.

This evening I started teaching the sister of one of the cruisers with our group to crochet. She has been wanting to learn, and her sister has tried to teach her, however her sister is left handed, and she is right, plus there is that sister dynamic that is getting in the way of their lessons. So at dinner this evening I offered to sit down and try to teach her a little bit. She did a  great job for her first lesson today. I hope she can get a sense of accomplishment and will soon join our crowd of hookers.

Tomorrow is our first port, and unfortunately our excursion was cancelled so we aren’t completely sure what we are going to be doing now. Whatever it is, it will be  great day. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week. With any luck I’ll be able to get a couple of more posts out during this trip. Until then, have fun!

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3 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 51

  1. Sounds like you are adapting quite well to your bumps in the road. I think it’s awesome that you are getting the teaching opportunities. Way to go for teaching the right handed sister how to crochet! Have a blast! πŸ™‚


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