I Finally Hung My Tea Shelf!

Tea Shelf

As some of you may know (if you were around at Christmas for the 24 days of tea posts that I did), I love tea. So much that my blog has tea in its name, even though my tea posts are fairly few and far between.

About a year ago, a lady from near my old hometown posted a photo on her Facebook business page, Dragonfly Handmade, showing a shelf she had made for her daughter’s David’s Tea collection. Now, my collection of David’s Tea looked to be about the same size, so I contacted her and commissioned a shelf.

I picked the shelf up last July, and it has been sitting in my apartment, gathering dust (seriously….it had a couple of cobwebs on it) until last weekend. My kitchen has gradually been getting more and more cluttered, and last weekend I finally decided that enough was enough. I spent the entire weekend cleaning, reorganizing, and moving furniture around.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of my old portable dishwasher for quite a while now as it no longer works and was just taking up a ton of space in my kitchen, so I finally dragged it down to the recycling/large garbage item area in the parking garage. I moved my bakers racks out of the kitchen, moved a cabinet out of my spare bedroom to the front hallway to store all of my small appliances (there isn’t room in the kitchen), and moved the cabinet I made when I had space to do woodworking to my kitchen so that I had a bit more counter space. And I finally, finally hung my tea shelf!

My Kitchen

My kitchen has probably never been so organized, and it feels larger without the bakers racks, and dishwasher taking up space. I still have a few things sitting on the counter tops, apartments just never have enough kitchen cabinets in my opinion. Still, it looks 100% better than it did, and I’m loving my shelf and the fact that I can actually see all of my teas! No more searching for the tea I want, or refilling types I don’t need because I can’t easily see what’s in stock. I’m so happy.

Next, my plan is to organize my entertainment armoire. How in the world do all those wires get so tangled when they never move?

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12 thoughts on “I Finally Hung My Tea Shelf!

    1. I’m lucky my kitchen is as large as it is. Usually in an apartment it’s just a little galley kitchen, it was one of the things that appealed to me about this place. That and the large balcony, and they allowed pets.

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    1. Good luck with yours! They really are a nice way to display your tea. I think I’m going to commission a second, slightly narrower one for my other wall, and request that the top two shelves be a bit deeper to accommodate some of my teapots.


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