Ocean Waves Afghan

Ocean Waves Afghan

Way, way back in February, while I was on my crochet cruise my friend (and coworker), Brigitte, and her family, looked after Truffles for me. Now, this was a big deal, because although her family had cats in the past, they had never had a dog in the house and weren’t sure what to expect. Add to that the fact that he has the Yorkie stubbornness against being completely house trained, and I wasn’t sure how things would go. Happily, he did just fine, and minded his manners while I was gone.

Before I left, I was trying to think of something I could give the family to thank them for taking him in and looking after him. After taking him for a visit to meet them for a few hours a few weeks prior to my trip, I decided to make an afghan, and since their living room was painted in a lovely grey, I decided to go with an afghan in shades of grey.

It took me a while to get it finished, but I thought it turned out great. I gifted it to Brigitte a few weeks ago, and she tells me it suits their living room very well. This is the Ocean Waves afghan made with Caron Big Cakes, in Salt and Pepper

2018.07.15.OceanWavesAfghan (1 of 1)

I even made a little tie for it and tied it up in a neat little package for gifting.

Ocean Waves Afghan

Now I’m off to do a little more crochet!

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