Review: Crazy Apologetic Canadians by Cathryn Fox

Crazy Apologetic Canadians by Cathryn Fox

Crazy Apologetic Canadians is a contemporary romance by Cathryn Fox and what a fantastically funny read it is. I was granted an ARC by NetGalley so was privileged to get my hands on this book early, it’s not out until March 6 2023, but if you like romantic comedies and want to read something that gives an insight into Canadian humour, then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.

Colin Parker is an uptight, grumpy Brit, who has been sent to a small town in Nova Scotia on the pretext of completing a deal for his family’s foundation, but he sees it as a punishment for not toeing the family line. Violet Bryant is the owner (among other things) of the bed and breakfast where he’s staying while completing his assignment.

From the very beginning this couple gets off on the wrong foot, and it only gets funnier as the story roles along. This is a bit of a fish out of water story, with a lot of Canadianisms that just tickled my funny-bone. Maybe it wouldn’t be as humourous to a non-Canadian, someone else will have to read it and tell me.

I don’t want to post any spoilers so I’ll just mention that there are some critters in this story that steal the scene more than once. That’s always something I love in a book. And the townspeople can occasionally get up to no good too, but in the best small town we-protect-our-own kind of way.

Over all this is a feel good read that will have you cackling out loud (if you’re anything like me). A definite pick me up if you’re feeling a bit down. I highly recommend it.

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