January 2023 Reading Wrap-up

Books I read in January

January was a pretty decent month for me reading wise. I didn’t quite make it through Powers and Thrones, so it will appear again next month, but it’s been very interesting so far!

I have featured some of these books in reviews and you’ll probably see more of them pop up. I will probably group some of them together for shorter reviews when I get around to them.

For the third year in a row, I’m tracking my books in my Always Fully Booked planner, which I bought from Little Inklings Design. They are a small Canadian company that I discovered several years ago. This year’s planner is already sold out, but they start taking preorders around October if anyone is interested for next year.

These are some of my pages, and things I’m tracking this year. I also added a ton of custom pages to track reading challenges, and other things. The previous two years my tracking was very minimal, I really just kept track of the basics and didn’t really get visual with charts and things, but I’m finding that aspect of it a lot of fun this year.

I use a Happy Planner for my every day planning, so this planner is complete.y dedicated to books and hobbies…mostly books though, I don’t track hobbies much. Since I don’t use this planner for other things, I decided to use the month.y layout to practice some drawing. Those little boxes are great for super quick little doodles.

So, what was my favourite read of the month? I think it was probably Babel. I found the history behind the words fascinating, and the story was very thought provoking, and emotional.

Do you have reading goals? What books do you enjoy and what did you read in January?

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2 thoughts on “January 2023 Reading Wrap-up

    1. I really enjoyed it, the only thing that I really noticed (but it didn’t ruin the book) was that the language in the book was very modern, and not what you might expect from a book set in the early Victorian era.

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