Review: Mall Priest by Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke

Cover of Mall Priest by Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke shown on an ereader
Mall Priest by Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke

Kate Reedwood and Chris Heinicke have partnered together again to produce a fantastic new book, Mall Priest: A Tale of Demonic Holiday Horror. As usual, they send the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Horror is a new genre for this pair, and as the title might suggest it’s more of a light horror read. It puts me in mind of the movie Tremors with its kind of comedic style. Horror is also not my favourite genre, and I was afraid I might not enjoy this book, but once I started I could not put it down. (I started it before bed and finished it at about one in the morning, it was just that addictive.)

Mall Priest is set in 1985, and is about a demon invading a shopping mall on Christmas Eve in an attempt to create an army to take over the world.

The main character is Sam, the priest who is spending Christmas Eve handing out pamphlets in the mall as part of an effort to attract people back to the church. Assisting him in fighting the demon is a large cast of characters, from the head of mall security, to a group of militia types who think guns solve everything. I can’t get specific about some of the characters without spoiling a lot of fun moments for readers, but the characters make the story very interesting.

Really, this was just such a fun read, I almost hated to see it end. I highly recommend it, even if horror isn’t normally your thing.

Mall Priest releases on April 14th on Amazon, and is available for preorder now. It will be available on Kindle Unlimited upon release.

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