March 2023 Reading Wrap Up

March was another good reading month for me, as you can see I was heavily into historical romance this month, and may be again for April as I’ve been re-reading a few favourites. I do hope to get to some new books though.

I spent some time and updated my reading stats in my planner this past weekend. First up is my reads for the month, and my purchases.

I hit up a really good sale from Harper Collins on Kobo a couple of times over the course of the month and picked up a lot of new reads, as you can see. Now I just need to stop borrowing from the library for a while until I get some of them read.

I experimented this month with saving all my chart updates to the end of the month, rather than updating them as I went. I’m not sure which method is better to be honest. When I was colouring at the end of each week, or every few days, I sometimes felt like I was losing track of which books I had coloured squares for, and which I hadn’t, but it seemed just as confusing waiting to update them all at the end of the month.

Here are all the charts with my updates for March. I didn’t get my bookshelf updated, I fell behind on it, so it may not get posted this month. I hope I get it caught up for next month’s update.

And finally my quarterly check-in pages.

I’m really enjoying using all the pages this year and getting into playing with charts and things. This is my third year using this planner to track my reading, but this is the first year I’ve really used all the pages, and it makes it a lot of fun!

Is there anything you like to track just for your personal interest?

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