My Weight Loss Journey – Week 47

I know I keep saying this, but I can hardly believe it’s coming up on a year since I started back to Weight Watchers, and soon after, it will be a whole year since I started this blog! I’m so happy about the progress I’ve made on my weight loss journey, and the friends I’ve made through my blog.

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 46

I’m a bit late posting this week because I took a little extra time for me.  You see in addition to being my 46th weigh in, Monday was my birthday, so I took a break from blogging. And then yesterday evening I had an appointment so that put me even more behind, but I haveContinue reading “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 46”

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 45

Wow, I’m fast approaching a whole year since I started Weight Watchers! In fact I think I’ll be on my cruise when it happens! I can’t believe how far I’ve managed to come since last February. I’ve been lucky so far, that I haven’t had any major setbacks. I knew it would happen sooner or later, especially now that I’m getting closer to my goal, and it finally has.

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 44

I am finally back from my stay-cation. I decided that I needed a break from pretty much everything this past week, so other than looking for recipes, and commenting on other people’s blogs, I tried to stay off my computer. That meant no new posts for me from Christmas Day until now! It was hard, but also necessary for me after blogging about tea for almost 24 days straight. I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 42

Weight Watchers changed their plan on December 3rd, so this was my second weigh in after the change. Last week I had a moderate week but this week was great! I lost 3.6 pounds for a total of 84.4! I am now 1.6 pounds away from my new year goal of 200 pounds! It’s so exciting! I really had no idea if I would be successful when I started this journey at the end of February, and so far it has been much better than I ever dreamed! I just have 2 weeks of hard work in front of me to make that goal for the year. Not that I’ll be finished, but it will make me feel good to know that I made that goal.