My Weight Loss Journey – Week 38

Salmon Patties

It was a busy week last week, so I didn’t get trying any new recipes until yesterday. . I Was running low on groceries because I didn’t go out over the weekend, so I decided to try these Salmon Patties from Now, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, and they need a bit more work, because I found them a little too crumbly, but they were delicious. I’m thinking that I’ll save my variation for another day, once I’ve tried again…maybe I can adjust them to make them a little more stable. I will say that I made 4 patties, not the 8 that the recipes says. I served one for lunch on everything flatbread with lemon basil mustard, mayonnaise, and red onion, and added some apple slices on the side.

Salmon Patties


The good news is, I lost another 1.6 pounds last week! That makes 78.8 pounds total! I’m so happy that I made the decision back in February to begin this journey, and then share it with all of you. Thanks for sticking with me!

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13 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 38

  1. That’s a delicious lunch. You’re doing great on your weight loss journey! I can’t find the inspiration within me to go back to the gym, and I know I’ve gained weight since October. Keep it up!

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  2. Kate, you inspire me with your cooking new recipes that are so healthy. I’m curious, do you think the change in cooking is making most of the difference for your weight loss, or is it portion control, and the cooking is a way of keeping things fresh? It’s really a perfect combination for you!

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    1. I think a lot of it is the change in cooking. I made a lot of big changes when I started, but portion control is an important part too. Although I don’t plan my meals too far ahead, I do try to have something in mind so that I don’t grab something that’s not so healthy. Trying new recipes definitely helps, because I don’t get bored and fall back on old habits.

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