My Weight Loss Journey – Week 54

I’m having a hard time getting back into the regular blogging since returning from my trip. Partly because I just don’t seem very motivated to write, and partly because my computer has been acting up. It takes forever to start up, and makes me not want to even turn it on. I have been using my iPad but I find it is not as nice for editing photos before I post them, and I can’t type as accurately on it, which annoys me.

I ordered a new hard drive for my computer, and I’m hoping I can get it replaced this weekend, although I’ve been putting off actually doing it. I’ve never done such a thing before and I’m a little afraid of messing it up. My old hard drive was getting very full, so I’m hoping the new, larger one will help to speed things up a little and not make working on it so aggravating.

I thought though that before my next weigh in day (tomorrow), I really should share my progress report from last Monday before I get too far behind again, so here goes.

Last week I reported to you that I had gained 6.2 pounds while away on vacation. I was not worried about it, because I had made a decision to make the best food choices I could while I was away, but also allow myself to enjoy the trip, and the wonderful food in the dining room, without guilt. I was also pretty confident that a lot of the weight was probably due to me not drinking enough water, and retaining some fluid. It would seem that I was correct, because in just a week of going back to my “new normal”eating habits, I lost 7.7 pounds! I am so pleased to be back on track, and not very far from my next milestone of having lost 100 pounds.

In fact I’ve been trying to think of something I can buy for myself to celebrate this huge milestone, which just last year seemed insurmountable. I am open to suggestions, as so far my imagination has been fairly limited. I just bought new clothes for my trip, so even if I lose more weight, I am set for the spring and summer. I also bought myself a few pieces of jewelry while in Aruba, although I have been toying with the idea of a Pandora charm bracelet so that I can add onto it for future goals, and trips, and things. I would love to hear your ideas.

Sorry, no recipes today…hopefully once I get my computer up and running again I will get back into the regular posts. I have all my vacation photos to share as well as some crafty posts to write.

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13 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Week 54

  1. Wow, did you ever make good food choices on your trip! If it weren’t for the fluid retention, you probably actually maintained or lost! Wow! As for a reward, if you love jewelry, go for it, otherwise I would say treat yourself to a yarny or fabric spree, or maybe a new something for your kitchen, since you enjoy cooking. 😄

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    1. I do love jewelry…I was thinking along those lines because it is something I don’t buy for myself very often, whereas I will always splurge on crafty things, lol.

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  2. Well done on getting back on track so quickly. You definitely deserve a treat. Maybe some sort of pamper experience, like getting your nails done or visiting somewhere you have always wanted to go to….though I suppose you did that on your trip. 🙂 Hope the pc is good as new soon. Nothing more frustrating when you have a blog! X

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  3. You are doing so great! I loved Aruba when I went, such nice people. That was the trip that I ALMOST needed a seat belt extender…..

    I love that you don’t stress out about vacation weight. You’re going to reach that 100 pound loss in no time!

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