My Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 61 – 64, and a Reward

Achievement Reward

Despite the hard drive upgrade, I’ve still been experiencing some computer issues…mostly related to my internet connection. Apparently the wifi adapter on my laptop is dying, so I’ve had to resort to finding an actual cable to connect it to my router. Now that I know this will help to resolve the issues I’m having, I’ll have to buy a longer one so that I have more flexibility. I know, I know, it would all be fixed with a new computer, but I’m not ready to take that step yet!

The past 4 weeks have seen some ups and downs on my weight loss journey so I’ll get on with my update.

In week 61, I lost .4 pounds…any loss is good in my book, so I was happy with it.

Week 62 saw a huge loss of 2.6 pounds which came as a complete surprise! I have rarely had such a large loss in a week in which nothing really out of the ordinary had occurred. I hadn’t tried especially hard to watch what I ate, or increased my activity significantly, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Week 63 I had a slight setback, as I gained .3 pounds. Despite the gain on the scale, I was quite happy, in fact I almost expected it after the unexpected success of the previous week.

Week 64 has seen another gain of .6 pounds. I was a little disappointed, but not really surprised because I had a terrible week, not so much food wise as health wise. On Wednesday I took a day off work because I had a terrible migraine. I was back to work on Thursday, as I was feeling slightly better (the migraine was downgraded to a headache at that point, and I was fine working once I reduced the brightness of my computer monitors significantly.) This weekend has seen a return of stiff neck, and headaches, and I’ve been tempted to call my massage therapist to move up my upcoming massage.

Despite the scale setbacks, I have noticed a lot of changes lately. For instance, I’m already finding that the capri pants I bought for the cruise, just a few months ago, are already getting too large for me. I may have to go on another small shopping spree to get me through the next few pounds. I’ve also started taking the stairs a little more at my apartment building, and I can almost run up the two flights of stairs to my third floor apartment without feeling like I’m going to pass out at the top.

For those of you who have been following my journey, you will know that I was in search of something to reward myself for having reached the milestone of 100 pounds lost on the journey to my goal. On Mother’s Day weekend, Pandora had a special, where if you spent a certain amount, you received a free bangle, so I jumped on the computer and ordered my reward. I bought a lovely bracelet and several charms.

The Achievement Trophy charm is the one I bought to commemorate the 100 pounds lost.

Achievement Trophy Charm

I chose the Poetic Blooms bracelet, you can see the pretty clasp on the left in the photo below. The Enchanted Teapot and Enchanted Teacup charms, were just because I love tea, and they remind me of the times I spent with my mom, sharing tea, and toast with jam, when I was a little girl.

Enchanted Teapot, Enchanted Teacup, and Poetic Blooms Bracelet

As time goes on I will add other charms. My next one, I hope, will be one to celebrate reaching my weight loss goal…I have yet to decide what that charm will be, but I want to try to find something meaningful that will remind me of my journey.

And now I’m off to try to write another post about my Fantastic Bake Along entry…which is late again.


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8 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 61 – 64, and a Reward

  1. I love your charms and have missed your posts, Kate, so am glad to know that the connection mystery may finally be solved! Bravo for you moving into more active habits. Those stairs are going to serve you well in the weeks and months ahead!

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  2. Congrats on your success!!! You are doing great! I did a charm bracelet as a reward system a while back (every ten pounds I got a new charm that symbolized those ten pounds). I have been thinking about redoing it! After your post I’m really serious about it! Thanks!

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