Fantastic Bake Along – Rosemary Muffins

Rosemary Muffins

I am happy to finally get posting my entry to the Fantastic Bake Along – Rosemary Muffins, hosted by Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day. This month’s recipe was chosen by Brenna at Crochet539 and the full recipe can be found at Taste of Home. When I first saw the photos of this week’s bake along recipe, I was excited to make some muffins. My excitement only grew once I realized the muffins were savoury, and contained two of my favourite ingredients…black olives, and goat cheese. Yum!

I followed this recipe pretty closely this time around, except for a couple of small things. I substituted avocado oil for the canola oil, and because it’s just me here, I halved the recipe. I also used a mini loaf pan to bake my muffins…only because I seem to have misplaced my muffin pan. I have limited cupboard space, so I’m not sure where it has disappeared to, but I still haven’t located it.

I found the batter for these muffins quite thick, more like a biscuit dough than a muffin batter, but no matter, it still looked delicious. I’m afraid I was so excited that I forgot to take many pictures and the ones I did take didn’t turn out at all well. Luckily my little loaves turned out better than my photography.

I ate my first one while they were still warm, and I was a bit disappointed in the lack of flavour. The second one I ate a few hours later after they had fully cooled. The flavour in the cooled one was much better, although I still had a hard time detecting any rosemary. I think if I make these again, I’ll increase the amount of rosemary. I also did find the texture more like a tea biscuit than a muffin, but that was fine by me, because I love tea biscuits! I will definitely be making these again. I think they would be great alongside a Greek salad!

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6 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along – Rosemary Muffins

  1. Did you use dry or fresh rosemary? Mine was dry, though out of the garden, and that worked well, though maybe there was more scent than taste. I have half in the freezer, so maybe I’ll test that!

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