WIP Wednesday – Winged Columns Shawl

Winged Columns Shawl

I finally have a work in progress entry to share with you all. I actually started this shawl way back just before I left for my cruise in February. This was the project I took along to work on while on the plane, and at the hotel while we were gathering with the other people from the Crochet Crowd group.

Winter Warmers, Crochet! Magazine

The pattern is from a magazine, Winter Warmers by Crochet! magazine, which I picked up last fall sometime. It has quite a few patterns that I loved, but I’m a sucker for shawls, and this one seemed perfect for what I wanted.

The original pattern is done in a worsted weight, in a solid colour, but I chose to make mine using Mary Maxim Prism in the colourway Island Breeze (which is a discontinued, at least here in Canada). Prism is a self-striping, acrylic, and if you haven’t used it, it is very similar to Red Heart Unforgettable. It is a roving yarn, so there are thin and thick spots, and it can be difficult to work with (more on that below), but I have never been disappointed in a project I’ve completed with either Prism or Unforgettable.

Winged Columns Shawl

Both Prism, and Unforgettable can be difficult to work with, because the yarn is a bit fuzzy, so frogging can be painful if you aren’t careful. I say frogging is painful, but not impossible, as I proved with this particular project after having to rip out almost half of the first half of the shawl when I realized that after packing it up to return home, I picked up the wrong hook to continue with once I was home. I just took my time, and slowly pulled my stitches out, and wound the yarn into a ball, to prevent a massive headache afterward.

Winged Columns Shawl

This shawl is worked from a center chain, completing one side, then joining to the original chain and stitching the other side. Just this weekend I finally finished re-doing the portion of the shawl that I ripped out, and started on the second half.  You can see that center chain of green starting near the top right of the photo above.

I’m not sure why this colourway was named Island Breeze. It really does not remind me of an island…I’m not really sure what it reminds me of to be truthful. When I first started this project with it, I wasn’t sure about the colour combination, but it has grown on me as the project got larger. Now I love it, although I think I may have a hard time finding something to wear it with…maybe the purple dress I bought while I was on my cruise.

What do you think? And what have you been working on this week?



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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Winged Columns Shawl

  1. How about tan or white, and even the dark green for the bottom and a neutral top, it would be stunning. Black would work too, though I think the lighter colored would st it off better!

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  2. Great ideas! The dress I bought while on vacation is a dark purple, so I think that will work. I need to think about buying new clothes, so I’ll have to keep this shawl in mind and try to find something I can wear it with.


  3. I actually see this going with everything and actually can understand the name of the color way. I’m also eccentric and difficult to live with for just 4 minutes. I think the name is because it reminds of printed dresses you might like to prance around in with a bikini underneath while enjoying gardens that have pink tropical flowers with bright greenery in the background. As far as coordinating, I can see this with jeans, including jeans AND a denim jacket. You could also go dark green outfits, or a combo with, say, dark olive green pants and some other color top that matches the pants, not the shawl. I can see beige going with, or even khakis. If we’re going for dresses, you could do them in a wide range of colors. A green, blue, beige, brown, denim, goldenrod, and other colors (some muted) would work beautifully. This has lots of possibilities. I could even see camouflage with this (I know weird, but I’m hard to live with for 4 minutes!). Also, you’re crocheting it up just beautifully. I hope you find this lovely shawl a destiny or several destinies. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the compliments and the great suggestions.

      Hmm…yes, maybe the person or persons who named this colourway was thinking of the colourful outfits on the beach. I could maybe see that…

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