My Weight Loss Journey V2 – Week 1

Yes, I’m back having gained 90 lbs. after having lost 130 back before the pandemic started. I got way off track over the past couple of years and I’ve had a hard time getting back into the healthy eating, healthy living mindset. Since nothing I’ve tried has worked lately, I’m trying to do a reset, and hope that my motivation and determination follow once again.

I signed back up for WW on a Saturday, but like my previous journey, I’m having my official weigh in day on Monday. Weigh in day is a personal preference and from past experience, I find that I stay on track better on weekends when I weigh in on Monday, rather than Friday. When I weigh in on a Friday, my brain plays a little game, telling me that I have a whole week to counteract any bad eating that I do on the weekend. When I do my weigh in on Monday, I tend to stay within my points more, and am more successful.

So how did my first week (plus 2 days) go?

My starting weight on October 15th was 245 lbs. After my first week, in which I actually ate out once, when I was invited to lunch with a couple of co-workers, I was down to 238.5 lbs. which is a loss of 6.5lbs!

I have always found the first week on program to be above average, I think it’s the extra water weight that is being shed after switching drastically to healthier foods and making an effort to drink more water. No matter how it happened, I’m taking it as a win, and a good start, once again.

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