My Weight Loss Journey – Week 24

It’s time for me weekly update! Since I ate out so much during week 23, I was very mindful of what I was eating this week. I was also mindful of my water intake, and tried to get a little more active since I’ve been slacking again, and it has paid off!

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 20

I’m late again. I’ve been considering moving this post to Tuesdays because I don’t weigh in until Monday, and I don’t always have time to write, and/or update the post on Monday morning. I’ll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks before I decide for sure.

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 16

This has been another interesting week, and one which has tested me again, to stay on track when I’m out and about, and when I’m just living a normal life. I am trying to make my new way of eating a lifestyle change, so I want to be able to occasionally have a treat, like the yummy pizza I made for the Fantastic Bake Along over the weekend, without feeling guilty, or falling back into old habits.