Tea Advent Calendar Day 19 – Organic The Spice is Right

Cute name for today’s tea, it made me giggle a bit when I saw it. The Spice is Right is a green tea, and when I opened the tin, to smell it, it smelled strongly of cinnamon and cloves. Again. I’m not sure what it is with all this cinnamon tea, but once again IContinue reading “Tea Advent Calendar Day 19 – Organic The Spice is Right”

Tea Advent Calendar Day 13 – Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Well, I wasn’t thrilled when I saw today’s tea, Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, especially after the last tea which had a lot of cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong, I love cinnamon, but in some things a little goes a long way, and in most cases, tea is one of those things.

Tea Advent Calendar Day 7 – Organic Saigon Chai

Today’s tea is Organic Saigon Chai, and it looks and smells very Christmasy. It’s a black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and peppercorns. There are red peppercorns in this which is what makes it look Christmasy, and the cinnamon gives it a Christmasy smell. (Yes, I know I”m using the word Christmasy a lot, but it’s appropriate.)