Balsamic Chicken
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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 48

It's creeping closer and closer to one year since I started this journey, and I keep creeping closer and closer to my next big milestone of losing 100 pounds. I'm not far from my short term goal of hitting 95 pounds down. I've found that small goals are important to keep me motivated so I set a lot of small goals in 5 pound increments. This week I made it another half pound closer. For those keeping track, I'm now down 91.3 pounds from my starting weight of 286, and I have 44.7 pounds to go to my goal weight.

Lentil and Black Bean Chili
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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 42

Weight Watchers changed their plan on December 3rd, so this was my second weigh in after the change. Last week I had a moderate week but this week was great! I lost 3.6 pounds for a total of 84.4! I am now 1.6 pounds away from my new year goal of 200 pounds! It's so exciting! I really had no idea if I would be successful when I started this journey at the end of February, and so far it has been much better than I ever dreamed! I just have 2 weeks of hard work in front of me to make that goal for the year. Not that I'll be finished, but it will make me feel good to know that I made that goal.

Individual Apple Crisp
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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 41

I have been determined on this journey that I will not treat it like a diet, so that means that occasionally I'm entitled to eat a nice dessert. My only concession is that if I'm making it myself I try to cut back a bit on some of the sugar and fat in a recipe if possible. Last week I decided to try my hand at a slightly lower calorie apple crisp. I also made it in an individual serving size so that I wouldn't be tempted to overeat.

Honey Sesame Brussels Sprouts
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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 40

Wow! I can hardly believe it's been 40 weeks since I started my journey. Part of my motivation at the very beginning was to lose some weight before my cruise coming up in February. I honestly was not sure how successful I would be, but I figured every little bit helped, so even though I still have over 50 pounds to go, I'm thrilled with where I am now