Fantastic Bake Along – Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

I am so excited to once again participate in the Fantastic Bake Along organized by Tracy at It’s A T-Sweets Day! This month we are making whole grain bread; the recipe was chosen by Kathy at Sewing Etc. and it can be found here.

I’m a bit late posting. I didn’t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping last week, and then I had a hard time finding some of the ingredients. I almost had to hunt down a bulk or natural food store! I finally found everything I needed though, and was all ready to make my bread.

I chose to follow the directions for the bread maker, so I added all the ingredients to the break maker (I almost forgot the honey, which I think would have been a disaster), and set it to mix. The ingredients don’t look very exciting because all the good stuff is hidden under the white flour.

Ready to mix
Ready to mix

Once the dough was ready, I took it out of the mixer, prepared it and placed it in the bread pan. It’s been quite warm here lately, so in no time at all, my bread was almost ready for the oven. At this point, by the time the oven warmed up to temperature, the bread was ready to pop in.

Almost ready for the oven
Almost ready for the oven.

And half an hour later, it came out looking and smelling delicious! I didn’t wait for it to cool down completely before having a slice! I haven’t had a really good slice of fresh baked bread in months, and I have to say, this was worth the wait! I really want to make this recipe again, and make dinner rolls with it so that I can freeze some of them.

Baked Whole Grain Bread
Whole grain bread fresh from the oven.

Thanks Kathy for selecting this delicious recipe this month! If you want to check out all the other participants of this month’s bake along, you can find them here:

I hope you enjoyed this month’s bake along, and I encourage you to try this recipe, you won’t regret it!

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