Fantastic Bake Along – Gingersnaps

Gingersnap cookies

Once again I have joined Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day! for her Fantastic Bake Along (although I’m a bit late getting my baking done and posted). This month, Rebecca at Twinklehook chose the recipe and she chose one of my favourites. Great job Rebecca!

I was also happy to see that this recipe was a small batch since, as many of you know, I’m currently trying to watch what I eat and although I love to bake, I try not to have a lot of baked goods hanging around to tempt me. The small batch also made it easier for me to make a few substitutions without the fear that I would be wasting a lot of ingredients, so I went completely crazy for this one! If you want to try making these cookies yourself, you can find the original recipe here.

As I’ve mentioned, I was feeling particularly brave when I finally got around to baking these so I made quite a few substitutions. I kept the amounts the same as in the original recipe, but I made the following changes. Instead of butter, I used my homemade Greek yogurt. Instead of golden syrup, I used fancy molasses.

I didn’t have self-rising flour, so I made some, and used half regular flour, and half whole wheat flour. I mixed up 1 cup in total so I used 1/2 cup white flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt to make my mixture. Then I weighed out the amount for the recipe. I have a little bit left which I’ll probably add to later this week for another recipe I want to try.

To mix everything I followed the directions in the recipe except I didn’t need to melt my yogurt and molasses together, obviously.

I probably made my  balls a little on the larger side, so I ended up with 12 cookies from the recipe.

Ready to bake

I baked them for the 15 minutes recommended, and they smelled so good that I had to try one straight from the oven. It was crispy on the outside, and a little soft on the inside, and completely delicious. In appearance, they look like they might be a little dry, and they feel very light. I’m not sure the substitutions I made would be to everyone’s taste, but I quite like them, and it cuts the Weight Watcher’s points from around 6 per cookie (if I got 12 from the original recipe) to just 3.

Gingersnap cookies

Later I tried one once it had completely cooled, and I’m happy to report that it tasted just as good! It as still crispy on the outside, but was just a touch soft inside. The perfect side to a mug of hot tea!

Don’t forget to check out the other Fantastic bakers at the links below to see their results!




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